Sat, 08/25/2012 - 9:57am

Ant Life Productions


Guest Blogger Kelly-Anne Riess (author of the bestselling children’s picture book I Love Saskatchewan) 


Pre-k education a priority for Ant Life Productions
Saskatchewan company makes it into the top 10 of business competition

When Dawn Bird, producer at Ant Life Productions, signed her son up for Kindergarten she was surprised at how much her son was expected to know before he started school.

The level of literacy and numeracy skills required were higher than Bird, a professional actress, expected.  She was certain that she was not the only parent taken by surprise, which is why she teamed up with writer and television producer Kelly-Anne Riess (author of the bestselling children’s picture book I Love Saskatchewan) and social media marketing expert Alvil Tayco to form Ant Life Productions.

The company is currently developing their first television show A Buggin’ World, an animated series that delves into the world of insects and teaches children, aged three to five, basic numeracy and literacy skills.

The show will be complemented with a tablet game to allow children to practice their new found skills in a fun and entertaining way.

Bird’s own son began using a tablet computer at 18 months and exceeded his parents’ own computer skills soon thereafter.

Ant Life Productions entered its business plan into the Progress2Capital Business Planning Competition and has worked its way into the top 10, beating out over 60 other competitors.

Past Progress2Capital winners have included such successful companies as Hillberg and Berk, NetSecure and Click Photobooth Rentals.