Look Mom - No Hands!

Sun, 10/23/2011 - 3:57pm

Committed to Community


Rita Holowenko

Kids love umbrellas, and we love kids!  And since our community has showered us with great support, we’ve partnered with another local organization committed to our community – Solvera Solutions – for a limited production of KinderBuzz.com umbrellas!  Because we know it can get gusty around here, we made sure to choose an umbrella with a wind reflex frame that allows an inverted umbrella to come back to its original shape.  To help the little hands hold on, the umbrella comes with a rubberized handle. Read more »


Congratulations to Callie, our random draw winner of a KinderBuzz umbrella!


Congrats on all your followers!


Hi Kinderbuzz!  Congrats on achieving a high volume of followers!  I always take special note of your posts as they keep me abreast of events for the little people!  Keep on keeping on!!!

It is great to see others

It is great to see others give back to the community!