Mon, 06/24/2013 - 9:29pm

Candy Cane Park


Cheryl Kirkness


Did you know that Candy Cane Park was originally named Family Amusement Park? It’s true! It was originally built in 1979 which means...I’m older than Candy Cane Park! It was then upgraded in 2010 to include a number of accessible play structures for physically handicapped children. Candy Cane Park is just down the road from the Saskatchewan Science Centre. It can get quite busy there so you’ll want to visit in the morning if you are looking for a quieter visit.

I spent a lot of time at Candy Cane Park when I was a child so it’s nice to now be able to create new memories with my own son. Although it is quite different than when I was a child, there are so many fun things there for kids to do.

At Candy Cane Park, there really is something for everyone. For toddlers, there is a baby swing, slides, and a few toddler-sized play structures. For the older children, there are rock wall climbing structures, swings, a goose slide, and much more! This park is filled with fun structures that you won’t find at other parks in Regina.

There are public washrooms on site and plenty of parking. There are a lot of picnic and BBQ sites around the park area plus a large grass area perfect for picnics, games and more. Bring along some beach balls, flying discs, water balloons and more for a fun afternoon with your family.

Did you go to Candy Cane Park when you were a child? What structures do you remember? One of our favourites was the spinning log.

Candy Cane Park is also where KinderBuzz hosts the bi-weekly Bored Meetings. Check the KinderBuzz event calendar for the next meeting date! We hope to see you & your little ones at the next meeting!




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