Wed, 01/18/2012 - 12:28am

Crying in the Change Room


Nicole Tiller

female changing imageEditor's Note:  New year, new you?  Guest blogger, Nicole Tiller, is back to shed some light on picking yourself up from the change room!

Remember the glorious day you got back to your pre-baby weight?  The pride, the joy...the delusional fantasies of fitting back into your old clothes?  Maybe it was the first time trying on jeans or bathing suits after baby, but I know I'm not the only one who has cried in a changing room.

After all that hard work cutting that "eating for two" diet in half again, lugging car seats up stairs, chasing toddlers, and trying all the baby-and-me exercise classes, it can be a serious let down to find that being the same weight does not mean being the same shape.  Sure, you fit into some of the old stuff, but maybe it's a little tight in places it never used to be.  Maybe you can't fit into your favourite boots because your left foot grew, or you can't button up your blouse over your expanded rib cage.  Or worse, your custom-made bras don't fit because now your left boob is bigger instead of your right one!

Have you ever caught a glimpse of those stretch marks or varicose veins under the fluorescent lights?  Or cursed low-rise jeans as the change room mirror reflected your jelly belly hanging over the waistline?  And then there is that lowest of all body image moments--when you see your own naked post-baby, post-nursing of all constraints...hanging there.  And not hanging like young, pre-baby boobs that seem to fight gravity even when upside down--really...hanging...there.  Your mind races wildly, "Have these been out with the lights on?"  "What about the last girls' trip to the spa?"  "Those old ladies at the Y will think I'm one of them!!"

Crying will only make you uglier, so you might as well have a good laugh, switch to mid-rise, and get an amazing bra.  Embrace your warrior scars for what they are--proof that you made a beautiful baby who loves you...muffin tops and all.  You aren't the same person, so why should you look like it?  Your boobs may hang low, but you can hold your head high knowing that you're smarter, more patient, more experienced, and better at multi-tasking than you were before.  Hearing "I love you, Mommy" gives you all the confidence you need, and seeing your little one singing or making faces in front of a mirror brings you more joy than your own pre-baby reflection ever could.

Maybe those old ladies at the Y are on to something...