Mon, 06/17/2013 - 1:13am

Garage Sale Tips


Cheryl Kirkness

Thinking about planning a garage sale but don’t know where to get started? As a start, here is a post with several garage sale tips that are general enough to apply to any area. In this post for, I’ll share additional tips that are specific for the Regina area.


There are several Facebook groups where you can post your garage sale information for free:

Include the date and time of the sale, list some of the major items you’ll have for sale, provide your address and even directions to your home. and are also excellent (and free) places to advertise your sale.  Another option is to advertise in the Leader Post. The newspaper advertisement isn’t free so you’ll have to contact them for a quote.


What I’ve heard from many people in Regina is that Thursday is the best time to start a garage sale. We advertised our garage sale from 8am – 6pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday morning was really busy and we had the most sales on Thursday between 8am and noon. Friday was a considerably slower and we only had a couple of people come by on Saturday so we shutdown before lunch.

Also, check your community newsletters and church bulletin boards. Quite often there are large community garage sales that you can be a part of. These tend to attract more visitors so you’ll likely sell more items in a group sale.


People come to a garage sale because they are expecting some great deals so you won’t want items overpriced but keep in mind that people will try to negotiate so leave enough room in your price for negotiations.

For larger items (furniture, baby supplies, electronics, etc.), you’ll get a much better price by advertising these separately on any of the sites I listed above. Try to sell these items separately online a couple of weeks prior to the sale. If they don’t sell, then you can put them aside for the garage sale.


After your garage sale is over, you’ll have to think about what you’re going to do with everything that didn’t sell. The Salvation Army Thrift Store accepts a large variety of items and has an easy to access drop off location on Albert Street (behind Red Lobster and just south of Toys R Us). Here is a listing of what the Salvation Army accepts.

Community Living also has drop off locations and bins around the city and they can also be called to schedule pickups. Here is their site for additional information.

SARCAN Recycling can also take some old electronics that are better to be recycled than sold or donated. Here is a listing of what they accept.

Do you have any additional tips for planning a garage sale in Regina?

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