Thu, 08/01/2013 - 1:28pm


By: Kathleen  Fellinger

Dare I say those three little words?  Not those three words.  The other three!  Yes, those three:   Back to School.

Back to School Flyer Deals 2013
Are you ready?  Maybe not.  You might be if you are a parent who is counting the days down until summer vacation is over and school is back in session.  Or do you start to shake and break out in sweats when you think of summer vacation being over?  Some of us are just getting in the groove of our summer vacation routine:  morning cartoons, PJs till noon and staying up late.  It seems July just whizzed right by.  If you are like me, I am still living in the moment and don’t really want to think about going back to school.  I’m simply not ready.  I am enjoying an amazing summer so far with my kids.  But those darned flyers started showing up a few weeks ago.  It all began on a quiet morning, reading my paper and having a coffee, when Target sent out their first grand opening flyer here in Regina.  They had lots of $1.00 back to school supply deals.  And now the back to school sales flyer floodgates have opened.

If I had to really think about it, which the flyers force me to, then I would have to say that yes, I do want to prep early, but it would be more to get the best deals so I can save money.   Have you tried to compare and see who has the best deals?  GOOD LUCK with that one.  It’s hard to compare when everyplace has different deals at different times on so many things your kids need.  For example, glue sticks are on sale at Staples, but not crayons.  Walmart has markers on, but SuperStore might be cheaper.  Are you really going to run all over town and try to get the best deal on every item?  Time is money too and your time could be better spent relaxing by the pool or spray pads, sipping a fruity drink and enjoying your summer.

Last year, I took up the challenge!  I really tried hard to compare back to school deals.  I combed thru every Wal-mart, Superstore and Staples flyer that came through my door.  My fingers were permanently stained with ink.  It took me awhile, but I found the best deals came at about the  2 to 3 week mark before school began.

As of today, Thursday, August 1, 2013 here are some sales.

STAPLES is having their “Less than a LOONIE” back to school sale.  You can check out their flyer online here:  Some of their many deals are:

  • Hilroy One- Subject Coil Notebooks - .15 cents,
  • Staples brand white erasers  - .75 cents/2,
  • Paper Report Covers (Duo-Tangs) - .15cents each.

SUPERSTORE is having their Forward to School Sale:

  • Crayola Coloured Pencils (24 pack) - $1.25
  • JoeFresh Portfolio with Pocket - .20 cents each (Limit 6, after limit $1.00 each)
  • Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers (20 pack) - $3.00 (Limit 3, after limit $5.99 each)


  • 6 - pack Elmer's school glue sticks - $3.00
  • Crayola crayons (64 count) - $3.00
  • Mead Five Star poly tabbed dividers (5-pack) -$ 2.99

One thing to note, there is usually a limit on how many items one family can purchase at the sale price.  For example, Staples’ deal on Paper Report Covers at .15 cents is LIMITED to: 40 per family.  After 40 you pay .28 cents each. Got to read the fine print!

Most places will match the lowest advertised price, but you are going to have to have alot of patience if you want help.  You may have to bring in a competitor’s flyer or have the store call competitors so they can verify prices.  Some employees are not too happy about this customer request.  But if you can put on a smile and have lots of patience, then you are in luck, because they have to call.  I’m not so sure I am ready for that challenge.   Maybe that is what stores are banking on...that customers won’t want to challenge every price for every product and will just simply pay their prices and go enjoy their summer.  After all, we still have August!

Is it too early to think about Back to School?  When does your family start Back to School Shopping?  Know some tips for Back to School shopping?  We would love to hear them.  Email us at