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This Little Molly Went to the Market


Shayna Jaymie Murray, Mommy Outside the Box

We have a new guest blogger that we would like to welcome to KinderBuzz, Shayna Jaymie Murray from Mommy Outside the Box.  Check out her blog this week with some great insight from a kid's point of view into one of our favourite summer experiences here in Regina, The Regina Farmer's Market.


Things change when you have a kid.  Your time is no longer just yours.  Your money is no longer just yours.  What you do and where you go often change too. But, thankfully, we all have places and activities we enjoyed preparenthood that we not only can haul the little ones along to but actually get excited about sharing with them.

My husband and I have always loved the Regina Farmer’s Market.  We love fresh, locally grown and produced food and handcrafted goodies and we also love to shop local.  There is also such a sense of community at the Farmer’s Market.  That is really important to us.  Our city is growing and growing all the time. It used to be you ran into someone you knew almost everywhere you went in this city.  Not so much anymore.  But when you wander down to places like the Farmer’s Market there is just a sort of neighbourly attitude that makes you feel at home, even if you aren’t.  You can find fresh veggies, baking, jams, pickles, the list goes on and on.  But there is so much more! There is a myriad of awesome local vendors selling everything from garden decor to luxurious lotions.  Oh and, to my little one’s delight, jewelry!

Farmers Market - BLOG




All set to go with her princess water bottle.  Had to stop and pose with the elephant sculpture!









First stop at the Farmer’s Market?  Well Molly loves sweet treats and daddy loves baking so off we go to find something for them both.  It wasn’t hard finding some yummy homemade goodies.  It was hard to decide on what to take home though!


Regina Farmers Market - KinderBuzz Blog








Regina Farmers Market - KinderBuzz








Regina Farmers Market - KinderBuzz


A special treat that the whole family enjoys.  Local Homemade Jam!






There were so many wonderful things to see.  It’s a good thing we weren’t in a hurry because we had to stop at so many tables so Molly could admire something else.  There were the adorable felted magnets (bumble bees and lady bugs are always a hit), garden signs also adorned with cute little critters, colourful hula hoops and other hand crafted play things.


And the big one, the thing that she couldn’t stop talking about the moment we set foot in the Farmer’s Market, despite all the wonderful distractions ...

Regina Farmers Market - KinderBuzz Blog









That is right - The balloon man!  No child can resist the balloon man.

There are a couple of things that are must do's when we go to the Farmer's Market.  We must stop at the playground in Victoria Park and we must have a hotdog!


Regina Farmers Market - KinderBuzz Blog









After a morning at the market, a jaunt to the park and a belly full of hotdog we are pretty much guaranteed a substantial afternoon nap!

One of the great things about the Farmer’s Market is that it is always changing.  As more crops come into season and new vendors arrive you just never know what you are going to find.  It’s a little adventure that our whole family looks forward to every time we go!


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