Sun, 03/17/2013 - 1:00pm

Mainly Mother Goose at The Regina Public Library


Cheryl Kirkness, Moms & Munchkins

Mainly Mother Goose - RPL
Since I work from home, my little guy and I get to spend our days at home together. I feel so fortunate that I am able to stay home with him but I often worry that I don’t give him enough opportunities to interact with other children. I’ve been trying to take him out more and this week we decided to stop by the Mainly Mother Goose program at the Sherwood Village Library.

This wasn’t our first visit to this program but it has been a while since we’ve attended (at least 6 months). The woman who leads the class is incredibly sweet and is so good with the children. It is a great place for the little ones to interact with each other and for parents to chat with other parents. Yes, there are dads that attend too!

My son is going through a really shy stage right now so I was expecting that he’d need a few extra cuddles there today. As expected, he spent most of the class standing behind me using my hair to cover his face and hide from the other children. During the class, the instructor handed out bells and small drums for the kids to play with. My shy little guy just used the drum to cover his face and hide from the other kids. He perked up a bit during bubble time (each child gets a small bubble container to play with for a few minutes) but for the most part he just hung back and observed from over my shoulder.

Mainly Mother Goose - RPL


At one point he started crying because he didn’t like the crowded room and I debated quietly sneaking out of the class with him. Instead of leaving, I spent a few minutes in the corner with him distracting him with other things. He eventually calmed down enough for us to finish the class.

At the end of each class, the instructor brings out toys for the kids to enjoy some playtime together. It’s a great opportunity for kids to learn to share and play together. My son instantly spied the plastic dinosaurs and headed straight over to play with them. Surprisingly, he sat with another boy and played while practicing his best dinosaur sounds. As more kids gathered around him, his shy side started coming out again and he retreated to the tunnel to play. My silly little guy gathered up some building blocks and dinosaurs and spent the rest of our visit hiding in the tunnel to play by himself.

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