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Need Financial Assistance for Extra-Curricular Activities?



If you find yourself requiring financial assistance for extra-curricular activities, there are sources that may be right for you. We've outlined a few here.


Creative Kids provide financial support to Saskatchewan families so all kids have an opportunity to participate in creative activities like drama, art, dance, heritage, and music.

Any family with challenges paying for art and cultural lessons or activities is eligible to apply. Due to demand, Creative Kids has mostly been able to help families with gross income less than $40,000, although they do consider other family circumstances. Guidelines are:

  • Creative Kids is open to Saskatchewan residents
  • Citizens of Lloydminster (as a border community) are eligible
  • Applicants can be 4 to 19 years old
  • Newcomers to Saskatchewan may apply if they are Permanent Residents of Canada

Creative Kids may provide up to $750 per child per calendar year.

Creative Kids will not fund an activity that has already happened and cannot reimburse families for expenses. Only programs and lessons after the application deadline will be considered.

Creative Kids will inform your family and service provider of results within 3 weeks of an application deadline. If an application is approved, they pay the service provider directly.

Click here for more the application form, and more information. Call 1-855-277-9469 if you have any questions.



Kids aged 4 to 18 from families in financial need can receive funding to help with registration fees, equipment and/or transportation. Only one sport or activity is covered for each application. Children can be funded for successive seasons in an activity up to a maximum of $300 per activity; subject to Chapter discretion and/or local demands. The annual maximum is $600; again, subject to Chapter discretion and/or local demands.

Funding is provided to support registration and/or equipment costs associated with child or youth participation in a season of Minor Hockey. Funding is up to $500/per child, subject to Jumpstart’s other funding maximums and/or local demands.

Jumpstart recommends following Revenue Canada’s Low Income Cut-offs (LICOs) which are based on a family’s size, the size of their community and the total family unit income (before tax).

View the LICO chart here

To see if your family meets the financial need criteria to qualify for Jumpstart funding, here’s how to determine where your total family unit income (before tax) falls within the LICO table:

  • Find the size of your family unit down the left-hand side.
  • Find your community size across the top.

Where the column and row meet is the LICO for the family unit size in the community.

Families will need to fill out an application. This needs to be done before the fees are due, as the money goes right to the organization. Applications for assistance can typically be submitted from January 15 to November 1.

The application asks for equipment details. Funds can also be provided for adaptive equipment to help kids with special needs.

Jumpstart can cover transit too, if needed. Just be sure to include those details on the application form.

Cheques are never sent to the parent/guardian directly, they are sent to the organization.

Click here to start your application. If you have additional questions, call 1-844-YES-PLAY.



KidSport's application deadline is the 20th of each month. They review the applications after this date, and families will receive a letter stating whether they have been approved or denied funding.

Families that are on a low income, unemployed, currently receiving income support through provincial government are all considered eligible.

KidSport considers social and economic barriers facing the child’s family when determining eligibility.

Grants are for children and youth up to 18 years of age.

A KidSport grant covers financial support up to $750 per child per calendar year (January-December) towards sport registration fees.

Applications must be submitted before the start date of the sport activity.

Priority will be given to subsidization of participation/registration fees.

Costs related to camps, travel, championships, high performance, etc. do not qualify.

KidSport issues funds directly to the sport organization or community association on behalf of the child.

Please allow up to 30 days for notification from KidSport of application status.

Click here to start your application. If you have questions, call 306.780.9318.



If your child attends any of the following, they can go through Regina Dream Brokers.

  • Kitchener Community School
  • Sacred Heart Community School
  • Seven Stones Community School
  • St. Augustine Community School
  • Albert Community School

Click here for more information.


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