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In-Home Caregiver vs Au Pair - What's the Difference?

Unlike a regular employer-employee relationship, an Au Pair is viewed as part of the family, or a big sister. Au Pairs come to Canada to get to know the Canadian way of life under a Working Holiday Visa and desire an opportunity to explore the world. Many of them are young (between 18 to 35 years) and are often new to the nanny scene and usually have part-time babysitting experience, whereas In-Home Caregivers have generally years of  full-time childcare experience.

Most Au Pairs are willing to commit for one year, although there are some who may only wish to work for 6 months, therefore spending the remainder of their time traveling. In-Home Caregivers are interested in long-term employment, and are often prepared to work for at least two years.  

While both In-Home Caregivers and Au Pairs provide families with childcare support when needed, hiring an Au Pair is the best solution for families who require only part-time help.   

An Au Pair's main responsibility is childcare and child-related household duties. In contrast, an In-Home Caregiver will often assume full responsibility of the household during the parents' absence, which may include light housekeeping and meal preparation for the entire family.

The Au Pair is responsible for all costs incurred, which includes their Working Holiday Visa, airfare, and health insurance while in Canada. When hiring an In-Home Caregiver, the family pays for the caregiver's flight into the country. Hiring an In-Home Caregiver can take anywhere between 4 to 8 months, whereas an Au Pair is able to arrive within a couple of weeks.

The In-Home Caregiver Program is well suited to those who require full-time, long-term childcare and are looking for an individual with a degree in nursing, midwifery or early childhood education, in addition to years of professional work experience as nanny. In-Home Caregiver's main responsibility is childcare but they also perform all housekeeping and cleaning duties.

Download an overview of the differences between an Au Pair and In-Home Caregiver here

Regardless of the choice you make, of most importance is selecting the caregiver that will provide the best solution for your family's needs.


Meet Chantelle Thompson, International Nannies' Community Coordinator for Saskatchewan. 

"As a busy mother of 5, having worked both inside and out of the home, I have experienced the many benefits of having a nanny / au pair join our household.  In this busy world we live in, having personalized child care in the family home relieves much of our everyday stresses.  I truly enjoy meeting Saskatchewan families, and sharing my experiences as we work together to bring strategically matched caregivers into their homes."
Chantelle Thompson

Community Coordinator, Saskatchewan

TEL: 306.956.3676

Toll Free: 1.855.956.3676



Manuela Gruber Hersch founded International Nannies & Homecare Ltd. in 1996.  She is the Founding Director of the Association of Caregivers & Nannies Agencies Canada and a Certified Positve Discipline Parenting Educator.

The agency's excellent reputation is built on honesty and integrity. Manuela and her Canada wide placement coordinators have earned the trust of thousands of families across Canada over the years.


International Nannies & Home Care offers comprehensive Au Pair Screening abroad including personal interview to assess the Au Pair's suitability for the program, verifying recent childcare and character references and a clean police record.  

A candidate will be recommended only if the references and interview indicate that the company's high standards have been met.

International Nannies will ensure the Au Pair qualifies to enter Canada under the Working Holiday Visa category.

They will consult with you in regards to your specific childcare needs, personality and anticipated start date of the Au Pair.  They will present selections of Au Pairs for your review.

Au Pairs also undergo a medical exam before entering Canada and working with your children.

International Nannies prepare the contract, provide information on hiring a domestic worker such as payroll calculation, intercultural communication and problem solving in regards to hiring and living with a foreign individual etc.

They will provide extensive information to your Au Pair on health and safety, emergency procedures, the 911 system, and how to deal with culture shock and the Canadian culture.

You and the Au Pair will be given continuous guidance, follow-up and support during the process, arrival, and term of employment.

International Nannies will give your family their Agency Guarantee upon arrival of the Au Pair.

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