Mon, 06/10/2013 - 8:04am

Rick Hansen Optimist Playground


Cheryl Kirkness


Rick Hansen Optimist PlaygroundWe love discovering new playgrounds in Regina! Last year we came across a beautiful park & playground complete with several picnic sites, a large playground, a spray pad, public washrooms and more! It is called the Rick Hansen Optimist Playground and it is located on McCarthy Boulevard & 4th Avenue in Northwest Regina. Since discovering it last year, it is our new favourite park!

It includes a large playground structure with plenty of things to do for kids of all ages. The ground is that soft material that won’t scrape knees if your little ones fall. It includes several slides, bridges, swings (even a baby swing) and more. There is a lot to keep your little ones occupied at this park.

Rick Hansen Optimist ParkThere are plenty of park benches to sit on around the park as well as several picnic sites. If you have a special event coming up, you can also rent one of these picnic spots for a special occasion. There are even mini picnic table areas that are the perfect size for toddlers and snack time.

There is a spray pad area along with a public washroom to use to get cleaned up after. Last year my little guy loved the water fountain and kept trying to jump into that.

There is a large walking path there as well beside the creek and it’s a great place to take little ones or pets for a walk.

Every time we’ve visited the park it has been clean and well-maintained. It can get busy (like most parks in Regina!) but there is so much there to do that it doesn’t seem too crowded.

What is your favourite park in Regina? We’d love to check it out!



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Love this park!

We make sure to visit the Rick Hansen Optimist Park every spring/summer, and we always pack a picnic lunch. Definitely one of the best in the city!