Mon, 04/29/2013 - 8:39pm

Sandra Schmirler Family Swim


Cheryl Kirkness, Moms & Munchkins

KinderBuzz Blog - Sandra Schmirler Family Swim


We live in the North end of the city so when we go swimming we always go to the North West Leisure pool. I had heard that the Sandra Schmirler Leisure Centre had a great pool for kids so we ventured over there last weekend to check it out. Pardon the poor quality of my photos, my camera battery was dead so I had to use my cell phone.


I was pleasantly surprised by the pool there and I was wondering why we hadn’t visited sooner! To start with, they have multiple family change rooms that come in so handy when you are visiting with little ones. In the pool itself, there is an area perfect for toddlers with a large pool area that is shallow enough for them to walk in but deep enough that the parents can sit in the pool with them and stay warm.

There is an adorable frog slide for kids that seemed to be popular with the little ones along with a mushroom-type fountain that people could sit under like a mini waterfall.


KinderBuzz Blog - Sandra Schmirler Family Swim


Although the pool was quite busy when we went (on a Sunday afternoon), I felt that the pool area was large enough that it didn’t seem too crowded. The toddler area is large enough that you can spend all of your time there with your little ones while the older kids and adults are in the deeper pool areas. For the younger kids, there are a few pool toys available for them to use. For the older kids, there is a larger water slide and a diving board.I had no idea that a pool like this existed in Regina – I was actually telling my husband that it felt like we were in a hotel’s pool in another city! Now that we know that this pool exists, we’ll be visiting often!

What is your favourite pool area in the city?







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