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Nikki's Portraits of Childhood

Nikki's Portraits of Childhood
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Nikki Jacquin (nee: Sacchetti) of Nikki's Portraits of Childhood has been creating personal painted heirlooms for families around North America full-time for the past 16 years and part-time since 1989.  Her goal is to "help celebrate your special occasion and relationships in a way that will wow the receiver.  A personal painted portrait becomes an heirloom, like grandmother's jewellery."  


Her work captures not only the physical features of her subject, but also their character. The subjects within her work, their interaction and their environment tell a story, usually about childhood or family life. 


She says, "I have painted many subjects, but am always drawn back to children and depicting their enthusiasm for life. The honesty and immediacy of children make them excellent subjects. Children are drawn into the experience of their surroundings. They focus on "now" and "the fullness of now". As adults we tend to miss this as we look into the past or rush through to the future." 


She has exhibited at the Assiniboia Art Gallery, Joe Moran, Dunlop Branch Galleries, and many more.  Nikki is also an approved instructor for Grumbacher Art, a paint manufacturer in the U.S.  


Portraits of your family may be booked through Nikki. The current waiting list requires booking approximately 6 - 12 months in advance of your desired delivery date.