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Wascana Centre

Wascana Centre

Wascana Place
Regina, SK
S4P 3S7



Wascana Centre includes the following parks:

Candy Cane Park - This park, originally named Family Amusement Park, was constructed in 1979 during the International Year of the Child. This is a popular children's park with many climbing opportunities. It is located east of the Saskatchewan Science Centre along Wascana Drive. The slide, which resembles a goose, was designed and fabricated by Russ Yuristy of Silton, Saskatchewan. The rolling log with its colourful candy cane striped supports was designed by Brian Newman. There are also a number of picnic sites in this area.


Douglas Park - This area was first developed in August 1964. Douglas Park is bounded by residential homes to the north, Park Street to the east, Assiniboine Avenue to the south, and McDonald Street to the west. It is the home of tennis courts, cricket pitches, baseball and softball diamonds, football, lacrosse and soccer fields, and a running track.


Goose Hill Park - In July 1964, a 35-acre piece of land located north of Wascana Lake and east of Broad Street was designated as the site for Goose Hill Park. Soil for Goose Hill was supplied by the excavation of the sunken parking lot behind the University of Regina College Avenue Campus. This is another popular family picnic area. Winter activities in this area include tobogganing and cross-country skiing.


Lakeshore Park - In August 1964, four experimental barbecues were constructed in this area. Because of their popularity, additional picnic spots were developed complete with charcoal barbecues, and two to three picnic tables and benches at each site. A central point in Lakeshore Park and an identifying feature is the totem pole. Along a short stroll further east in this area you will find the Boy Scout Monument. Following the gravel pathway to its eastern end will bring you to Surveyor's Monument.


Wascana Park - Located on the north shore of Wascana Lake, this 44-acre piece of land is the first park developed along the creek. It became known as Wascana Park. On May 2nd, 1906, title was transferred to the City of Regina. Situated within this park are other well known features, namely: Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Wascana Bandstand, Wascana Pool, and Speakers' Corner.


Waterfowl Park - Wascana Waterfowl Park is a 223-hectare thriving marshland within Regina's city limits. Its existence dates back to 1913 when a planner had the foresight to establish the Wascana Game Preserve. Part of the preserve later become the Wascana Bird Sanctuary and the Regina Waterfowl Park.