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Globe Theatre School

Monday, March 7, 2016 - 10:57am
Kathleen Fellinger with Mac Brock

There is nothing like the thrill of experiencing live theatre.  As a young student, I had the opportunity to see a production of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol at Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC and the memories stay with me until this day.  As an adult, I still love to attend plays, watch the performers, take in the scenery and enjoy the story lines.  It is something I have now shared with my own kids.  For some kids, maybe theatre is something they have never thought about participating in or have had an opportunity to even try.  Most schools across the country are cutting music and theatre programs due to a lack of resources and most cannot afford to put on a school play.  This month, we spoke to the Globe Theatre School about the benefits of kids attending theatre programs, what programs are available and coming up here in Regina for kids, and how theatre can help them with many different aspects in life.


The Globe Theatre School Programs Kids Camps Classes


KB: What is the Globe Theatre School?
 The Globe Theatre School is an initiative begun by the Globe Theatre to bring theatre education to students across Saskatchewan and assist in growth of more Saskatchewan artists.

KB:  How long has the Globe Theatre School been around?
:  We are very proud to be celebrating 10 years of theatre creation.

KB:  Where are classes held?  
GTS:  Almost all classes are held at the Globe Theatre (1801 Scarth Street) - it's the big clock tower in the FW Hill Mall.  Our location gives us access to the gorgeous Open Air Plaza and Victoria Park so our summer classes can get plenty of fresh air.

KB:What type of programs does the GTS offer?
GTS: Globe Theatre School's teaching model is based around multi-disciplinary collective creation.  In our core programming, students work as an ensemble with a local professional artist to build an original piece of theatre using theatre, improvisation, movement, audio and visual arts practices.  Our programs promote collaboration in a safe environment where students are confident to explore their imaginations.

The theatre school also runs a professional actors training program every two years, along with an Outreach program in Regina Public Community Schools, Corporate Improv workshops for workplace professional development, and a summer camp for immigrant and refugee youth in partnership with RODS.

KB:  What can kids and parents expect when they are enrolled in the GTS?
Kids can expect a classroom setting where their ideas are encouraged and they will make lifelong friends.  Parents can expect growth in their children's confidence and a personal investment in their development from teaching and administrative staff alike.


KB: What age can kids begin participating with GTS? And what age range do classes go up to?
Everyone can get in on the magic of Theatre School.  From ages 2-4 years old, students in the Early Years Program learn to play with music and drama alongside their parents.  Students aged 5-12 years old in our core creation programming learn how to take an idea from their imagination and bring it to life under the direction  of local artists.  Teenagers can choose from various speciality classes including writing, improvisation, directing, and collective creation to hone their skills and learn about the world of opportunity theatre can provide.  Advanced teen projects perform at various Globe Theatre events, including the Schumiatcher Sandbox Series, the Teen Creation Showcase, and the Cathedral Village Arts Festival.  The fun isn't just for young ones: adults can join in with our Acting and Improv programming designed to provide useful skills in voice and characterization that are as important to boardroom as onstage.


KB: When and how can parents register kids for the program?
Our program is split up into weekly classes and day camps.  From September to December and January to May, we offer 12-wekk classes to students aged 5-12 years old and classes of varying lengths to students aged 2-4 years and 13 years old +.  Our weekly classes focus on technical skill development and content generation.  During the summer we offer full 1-2 week day camps to students, which offer an immersive ensemble enviornmnet for students aged 5 - 18 years old to make lifelong friends while learning invaluable collaboration skills.


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KB: How many kids are there in a class? What is the kids to teacher ratio?
Typical classes have a capacity of 12 students.  Advanced teen projects often have smaller capacities to provide a more intimate ensemble experience.  Youth classes frequently have teaching assistants to provide instructional support.  The average student to teacher ratio is 10: 1.

KB: Do the kids have a special performance they participate in for families to attend?
At the end of most classes, family and friends are invited to enjoy a presentation of the work the ensemble has created.  Advanced teen projects typically perform in larger scale events.  For our current session, final presentations are taking place in the beautiful theatre space provided by the MacKenzie Art Gallery.


KB: My child is extremely shy, would participating in the GTS help their confidence?
The Globe Theatre School's highest priority is inclusivity and teamwork.  Our instructors ensure that even the most hesitant of students are engaged and excited about theatre and the arts.  We often find that introverted students have the most growth in terms of their confidence and in-class engagement.


KB: What type of child is the program best suited for?
Our ensembles support a diverse range of personalities, energy levels, and experience levels.  Theatre School classes give high energy students the change to focus their energy in a creative and productive manner, while quiet students will find their voice and are comfortable to express themselves in a safe and supportive enviornment.


KB: Can parents claim this program as a part of the Arts Tax credit?
Parents can claim Theatre School programming for the Children's Arts Tax Credit for all students under the age of 16 years old.


KB: What are the main points/goals the GTS hopes to teach kids who are enrolled?
The Globe Theatre School aims to give students the skills and confidence required to explore and develop their creative potential.


KB: Do classes fill up fast?  What if classes are full when parents register,is there a wait list and how does the waitlist work?
Classes often fill very quickly.  In many sessions, our core programming has a waitlist withing one or two months of registration opening.  We often open additional spots and sometimes additional sessions of classes to accommodate as many families as possible, but we encourage interested parents to register early.

Registration for our 2016 Summer Laboratory will open in mid-late March 2016.  Last year, every class in our Summer Lab filled to capacity.  Parents can contact Theatre School Coordinator, Mac Brock, at macb at globe theatre live dot com or follow us on Facebook to find out first when registration opens.  

To learn more about the Globe Theatre School or to register for a course, visit their website at or contact  Mac Brock,Theatre School Coordinator, directly for more information.


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