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Kids Clothing Cottage

Monday, May 5, 2014 - 1:53pm
Kathleen Fellinger

It seems like everytime we turn around, our kids are growing out of their brand new clothes: shoes, jeans and coats don't last long.  One great idea to save your family money and not waste all those great, gently-used clothes is through consignment.

One place that is really a hidden jem in our city is The Kids Clothing Cottage located at 6338 Rochdale Blvd. in the north end of Regina.  They offer a wide selection of stylish, gently-used and brand new clothes for ages newborn to teens.  You only have to subscribe to their Facebook page (Kids Clothing Cottage) to know that merchandising and fashion is one of their true passions!  They put together some great outfit suggestions to deck your little ones and growing fast ones from head to toe.  They offer everything from clothes, sleepwear, accessories and shoes.  We love seeing all the stylish pictures of what they have in each week along with the great deals.  They offer Canadian and other famous brands like Mexx, BLU, Bench, Ragdoll n Rockets, Kushies, Yogini, Point Zero, Losan, Lime Apple, Krickets Petite Lem and more.

There is something for every kid, no matter what their style.


KinderBuzz Spotlight May 2014 - Kids Clothing Cottage

KB:  How did you start Kids Clothing Cottage and how long have you been around?
KCC: We started in January of 2006.  The inspiration was my love for great consignment.  Time always being a factor in my life and for my family, I loved finding everything, from many stores and brands, in one place for  a lower price.  It is fun to pull outfits together from a great mix.


KB:  What types of items do you accept for consignment?
KCC:  The consignment side of the store is a treasure hunt.  Quality clothing and footwear are my main goals.  I also love having great toys!  There is also some equipment type items - like gates, jolly jumpers, baby gyms, strollers.  There is a space restriction, so I do not take a lot of those items.  I never take cribs, mattresses or car seats and I do not like to take electronics game systems.


KB:  What are some of the most popular/sought after items that people are looking for for babies?  Toddlers?  Kids?
KCC:  Popular items in the under 12 months are shoes, sleepers, onesies undershirts style tees and some clothing.  After the 12 month mark, a lot of people have gone through their stock pile of baby gifts and are ready to start buying for the little ones.  Clothing, foot wear, pajamas and outer wear of all types are popular items from 12 months up to 8 years old.  I like to have a huge variety of brands, prices and styles.  I do take Wal Mart, Carters & Superstore items as long as they are in great shape.  Generally lower priced but in great condition.  I also try to have a lot of higher quality items because customers love finding them on consignment.  Unique items are great to have too, like retro items or brands that we cannot buy locally.

Ages 8 - 10 years old and up, the children are leaning toward trendy and specific items.  At these ages, children want to be  consistent with popular styles and struggle a bit more with peers, so fittin in and feeling good about themselves is important.  I really love helping these guys find what they need in either new or used clothing.  I want them to feel great and confident in their clothing.  Great fitting pants that are a good length, a few comfortable tee-shirts and a quality hoody and jacket are key, as well as a great pair of shoes!  They don't need a tonne of stuff, but it should fit great and be in style.  It is fun to add a vest, funky cardigan, cool boots, belt or hat to spice up an outfit sometimes for both boys and girls.



KinderBuzz SpotLight May 2014 - Kids Clothing Cottage


KB:  What is the process if you want to sell your items/consign with Kids Clothing Cottage?
KCC:  At any time I can have items from up to 500 people.  Generally, clients are asked to call or email us to book a time to bring items in.  Space is limited so often I can only take a few people each season in each size group/gender as well as my current consignees.  Once in a while a person will call at the right time with just want I am lacking and they can bring it in right away.  But the usual process is to set a date then items are brought in and I go through to see what is sellable.  Items must be in very good condition:  clothing must not be pilled or marked, all button/zippers intact and working, including inside waists, not twists, turns or distortions and also in style.  Toys, equipment and miscellaneous must have all the pieces, batteries if required and be very clean.  Items may be returned and not used in the store if they do not meet these criteria but also if I have too many of like items already or if in past the items has been a proven non-seller.




KB:  What is the cost of consigning merchandise?  Is there a percentage or a straight fee?
KCC: Clients receive 40% of the sale price on their consignment clothing, shoes and toys and 50% for their equipment type items.  Once we have everything set up clients check in every few months and I write them a cheque for items sold.  For some this means a cheque whenever they come in that varies in amount.  I find it an appreciated service on this end.  Clients are pretty happy to receive monies from selling these items.


KB:  How long does it take to sell consigned items?  What happens to items that do not sell?

KCC:  Items are generally on the racks for the full season.  If they have not sold after 4 - 6 months, they do go to donation.  I have several places that take these goods and they are happy to have them!  There are some items like higher priced goods that do get returned to customers if they do not sell and if items do not have a long time on the racks before the end of the season, I may store or return them until the next season.


KB:  What do you love the most about your business?

I love the customer base I have.  Really some amazing people.  It is neat to see the kids growing up and getting to know all the families.  I am happy to provide great second hand clothes and unique new brands to people.

For more information on how to consign your goods or to checkout the great selection with Kids Clothing Cottage, please contact or visit them in store and on Facebook:

6338 Rochdale Blvd.
Regina, Saskatchewan S4X 4C2
Telephone: (306) 352-4777


Kids Clothing Cottage