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Put the FUN back into Fundraising!

Thursday, September 5, 2013 - 3:09pm
Rita Holowenko

School Fundraising Ideas

If your child is in school or extracurricular activities, we're pretty sure you've purchased a case or two of chocolates for fundraising.  With school and activities back in session, we're looking at various ways to fundraise.  We've also asked our KinderBuzz community on Facebook their favourite fundraising activities for their child's school or extracurricular organization, and  here are some suggestions.







The Kelowna based business Just Be Friends....For every act of friendship your school achieves, you’ll earn points.  At the end of the campaign, JBF will turn those points into rewards, chosen by your school, for your school.  Million Acts of Friendship rewards healthy social behaviours and acts of friendship with special weekly badges for students and much needed resources for schools.  Students make a wish list of all the items your school needs, and send it to JBF.  Students keep track of their acts of friendship and the school receives approved items from the wishlist.   



Boston pizza has a few different options for raising money for your school or organization:

  • School Earnback  - Enroll in the School Earnback program at your local Boston Pizza. Then simply collect receipts from families who have dined at BP  and send them to your local Boston Pizza. A portion of the total goes back to the school in cash.

  • Celebrity Server - Any staff member or student can volunteer to work alongside a server at your local Boston Pizza. Simply schedule a night with your local Boston Pizza, invite your friends and family to come dine, and a percentage of the sales will go back to your school.

  • Team Headquarters - Enroll in the Team Headquarters program at your local Boston Pizza. Then have your team collect Boston Pizza receipts from families and friends who have dined at BP over the course of the season. A portion of the total goes back to your team.

Click here to find out more.


1653 Park Street
Regina, SK S4N 5A2
Telephone: (306) 781 - 2830

We all love the home-made flavour of Peg's Kitchen.  It's fast, easy and frozen ready to cook.  Choose from:

  •     Frozen cookie dough - Unbaked.
  •     Frozen pies (Apple/Saskatoon) - Unbaked.
  •     Frozen Perogies - Uncooked.
  •     Frozen Kobasa - Smoke house cooked.
  •     Frozen Cabbage rolls - Uncooked.
  •     Double Chocolate Cookie Dough
  •     M&M Cookie Dough
  •     Ginger Snap Cookie Dough

Premixed dough is conveniently packaged for easy storage and use, and comes in 3 rolls (all the same kind - 2.25kgs) of dough - simply slice and bake.


Brigette Olsen
Independent Consultant
(306) 551-9373

Tupperware partners with local organizations to help fund and develop vital programs and services in your community. With no investment, organizations receive 40% of the proceeds from a Tupperware Fundraiser.

If you're interested in starting a Tupperware Fundraiser for your organization, click here to find a local Tupperware Consultant or call 1-866-376-7521.



Parents shop through a specially created website link and your group gets a percentage of all sales. No more hauling boxes and filling forms - they handle all orders, payments and deliveries. To find out more, email

  • 20% commission and no mark-ups
  • dedicated staff support
  • customizable online promotional tools
  • eco-friendly, sugar-free alternative to other fundraisers


Sandra Smith
(306) 244-4244
1 855-531-4244

All of their products are peanut/nut free & trans fat free.  They also carry Shortbread during the Christmas Season which is made with real butter (contains trans fat).   Their product line also includes seven flavours of frozen cookie dough, two dry muffin mixes,  three beverages, and cookbooks.

Cookie Crumbles do not ship frozen cookie dough.  They personally deliver and help with distribution.  Regardless of how much you sell, you will earn a consistent return of 25% or more per units sold.


Contact Alma at 1-800-363-7333

Considered Canada's GREEN Fundraiser, this program features the sale of bulbs, plants and seeds. Every group that participates earns 50% of everything they sell.

The Fall 2013 program order deadline is October 15, 2013.  If you request information after September 15, 2013 you will receive the Spring 2014 information kit.



Mom's Pantry Products is a Canadian fundraising company, 100% family owned and operated. Their fundraisers provide programs with nut free and gluten free products (among over 170 food products) to choose from and they provide a 100% money back guarantee.

See why over 5000 Canadian Groups have trusted their fundraising to Mom’s for more information please visit us at


Kathy Sherling
Independent Steeped Tea Consultant
(306) 529-4513

You might remember Steeped Tea from Dragon's Den.  Because of their success on the show, they have increased their growth and now offer a fundraising program. 

They offer four different kids of tea (black, green, rooibos, and fruit & wellness), available in 12 different flovours.  They also offer three different infusers that pair with each of the teas.

There is one set price, and your school or organization will earn 40% on all products sold.




Do you belong to your child's school parent committe or fundraise for an extracurricular activity?  Share your ideas with us and our reader's.  Email us at