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Regina Rhythmic Gymnastics Club

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 2:14pm
Kathleen Fellinger with Crystal Hagel

KinderBuzz SPOTLIGHT - Regina Rhythmic Gymnastics Club May 2013

One of the most graceful competitions in the Summer Olympics is the Rhythmic Gymnasitics events.  The beauty and strength that each gymnast displays seems effortless as they dance and leap across the mat, often integrating a ribbon or apparatus in their routine.  This month we want to introduce you to one of the oldest organizations here in the City of Regina, the Regina Rhythmic Gymnastics Club and also highlight a sport that is truly poetry in motion.


KB:  What is rhythmic gymnastics?
RRGC:  Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful and elegant sport demanding strength, flexibility, agility and a combination of technical precision and artistic creativity. Hand apparatus such as ball, hoop, ribbon, rope and clubs are used.

KB:  What is the difference between regular gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics?  RRGC:  Regular gymanstics typically involves the use of things such as vault, bars, balance beam, still rings and many other things. In Rhythmic gymnastics we use hand apparatus but not the equipment gymnastics athletes would.

KB:  Are their teams or is it an individual sport?
RRGC:  It is both.  We have girls that perform on their own, in small groups of 2 or 3 and in larger groups of 10 or 11.

KB:  How long has Regina Rhythmic Gymnastics Club been around?
RRGC:  Our club has been around for 27 years in Regina.

KB:  Where are you located in the city?
RRGC:  Our club does not have a facility and we operate by booking the gyms of school through out the city that each of the different groups would practice at during the week in the evenings.

KB:  What ages are the programs appropriate/geared towards?
RRGC:  We offer programs for children from the age of 4 and we go up to any age you want. We have a ladies group right know with woman of all ages. It is a great way to stay in shape and have fun at any age.


KB:  When are classes/sessions available?  Is there a registration night?
RRGC:  Our registration night is held in the beginning of September and then our sessions run from September to the end of April or the beginning of May.


KinderBuzz SPOTLIGHT - Regina Rhythmic Gymnastics Club













KB:  Can boys register for classes too?
RRGC:  Boys can definitely register.  We have had a few in the past but do not have any at this moment.

KB:  Is it a competitive sport/program?
RRGC:  Our club is a non competitive club. We do attend many different Gala performances but they are not competitive.


KB:  What type of equipment do you need for rhythmic gymnastics?
RRGC:  For girls just starting out all of the equipment they would use is supplied. Our gymnasts must only have a black body suit. As they get older they may want to start purchasing their own things, such as a ball or hoop.

KB:  Are there costumes or a uniform?
RRGC:  The younger girls wear a black body suit, often spruced up with things that their coaches have done, as girls get older they do have skirts and then custom bodysuits made.


KB:  Are there recitals/programs for the public to attend?
RRGC:  Yes, all of our programs are open to the public; we have our year end Gymnaestrada coming up on May 4th at Cochrane high school starting at 6 pm. We also have a Christmas show and a club day through out the year.


KB:  What do you think the kids enjoy the most about rhythmic gymnastics classes?
RRGC:  I think they like to be able to try out all the different equipment, from ribbons to hoops to balls.  They get to have fun and meet new friends.


KB:  Does RRGC offer classes outside of Regina?
RRGC:  Yes we do, we have class in White city, Balgonie and in Lumsden.

KB:  Do you offer summer Camps?
RRGC:  Because of the way we run our club, using school gyms for our classes we do not run any summer camps for our gymnasts.

KB:  Does your organization have more than one registration?
RRGC:  We only have one registration in September and this is because once the girls start to work as a team it is hard to introduce new girls at different times since the routines they work on are done over months it would eb extremely hard for the coaches to add girls in.

KB:  Is there any fundraising that parents have to do?
RRGC:  Our club does offer fundraising opportunities but they are completely optionally and if someone does not want to do it they do not have to.


KinderBuzz SPOTLIGHT - Regina Rhythmic Gymnastics Club


For more information on Regina Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, please visit their website:, e-mail @ or phone (306) 530-8688. The RRGC website is always being updated with information on upcoming shows and registration dates.

Photos Courtest of Regina Rhythmic Gymnastics Club