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Sing A Rainbow Preschool - A Great Beginning

Thursday, September 5, 2013 - 12:47pm
Sing A Rainbow Preschool with KinderBuzz

Sing A  Rainbow Preschool







Preschool is the beginning of your child's educational career, and for some children it may be the most important experience as it provides the first impression of going to school, teachers, and learning.  Finding a preschool that helps foster a child's love for learning and school can cause many parents anxiety and stress, but it doesn't have to be that way.  We ask Amber and Crystal, teachers at Sing a Rainbow Preschool, to share some tips for preschool readiness in this month's Spotlight.


KB:  What age do kids usually enter preschool here in Regina?

Sing a Rainbow:  We have seen that children are usually three years old, some are still two but turning three soon. In our preschool we offer a different type of program for three year olds who we try to put in our two day program, and then four year olds who we try to have in the three day program.

KB:  How do you know if your child is ready for preschool?

Sing a Rainbow:  This is so hard to answer, every child is so different. They do need to be bathroom ready, hopefully they can separate from their parent without too much anxiety, but preschool is also the  place that helps children deal with this and grow.

KB:  How long has Sing A Rainbow Preschool been around?

Sing a Rainbow:  Sing A Rainbow has been around for more than 15 years but the current owner has owned it for the past 4 years.

KB:  What type of teaching staff do you provide?

Sing a Rainbow:  Depending on the size of the class we have one teacher and one assistant per class.

KB:  When should parents start to think about researching and registering their kids for preschool?

Sing a Rainbow: Our registration always begins in January for the upcoming September. Registering as early as possible will ensure that your child gets the class that best fits him or her.

KB:  Do kids need to be potty trained to enter preschool?  If so, do they need to know how to pull on or take off their own clothes in the bathroom?

Sing a Rainbow: We do want children to be potty trained, it is best if they can pull on and take off clothes by themselves but this is something that we do help with until they become better at it themselves.

KB:  What types of activities/learning do kids participate in in preschool?  Is it academic or more play?

Sing a Rainbow: At Sing A Rainbow we offer all sorts of activities. It is not all play although lots of things can be learned through play and this is a great way for children to gain many social skills. We do all sorts of crafts and learning activities that help them learn to print their names, learn colours, shapes, and the alphabet to name just a few. We have the use of a gym for physical activity and we do get outside. Our classroom is filled with so many wonderful things such as musical instruments, different types of sensory stations we often set up and an assortment of toys and books to keep your child’s mind active.

KB:  Do you take any field trips?

Sing a Rainbow:  We do take field trips every year. Depending on the class you are enrolled in you will get different trips but we believe that if the kids can relate what we have been learning about to something in the outside world they will pick it up more; for example when we learn about dinosaurs and we go to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum to see the dinosaur exhibits.

KB:  What supplies do little ones need for preschool?

Sing a Rainbow:  It is a good idea for every child to have a backpack to carry all that they have. We do ask for the kids to have indoor shoes that they will leave at the preschool for the year. We also ask for the parents to send 2 or 3 items at the start of the year such as glue sticks and markers or Kleenex.

KB:  How long is the preschool schedule?

Sing a Rainbow:  Our morning classes start at 9:15 and run until 11:30, Our afternoon classes start at 1:00 and go until 3:15.

KB:  Does SAR provide lunch time supervision or after school extended hour?

Sing a Rainbow:  SAR does not offer lunch time supervison but this year one of our employees, Crystal Hagel, is offering herself to help parents/families out. She will watch children over the lunch hour and they can bring a lunch to eat, many of these children are coming from kindergarten and then attending our afternoon program.

KB:  What is the most rewarding thing about teaching preschool?

Sing a Rainbow:  The look on a child's face when they have really gotten something or seeing that wow that they really understood everything that we were talking about. One year we did space as a unit.  At the end of the year and even months after, all the kids could tell you something about the different planets, that’s amazing and rewarding for us.

KB:  Are there any tips or suggestions you can provide parents for prepping kids to enter preschool? 

Sing a Rainbow:  There really isn't any prep that is required before entering preschool, other than having your child potty trained. 

Drop off time can be a tough transition in the beginning for some.  Our best tip for this is to establish a routine and stick with it.  We know it is hard when your child becomes upset but typically it only takes a matter of minutes before they turn it around and enjoy their time at preschool!  We are always willing to work with parents with any matter that may come up. We aim to have both children and parents enjoy their experience at Sing A Rainbow preschool!


Sing A Rainbow Preschool
(Located in Wilfred Hunt School)
101 Mayfield Road
Regina SK  S4V 0B5
Telephone:  (306) 539-1516

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