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Winter Blahs? It's Oil Good.

Sunday, January 5, 2014 - 3:56pm
Tania Bird

It is the New Year and like most of us, you have probably decided to commit to health and fitness.  So you are going to a gym and dieting.  What else can I do to enhance my overall well-being?

In addition to diet, exercise, drinking lots of water and getting enough sunshine (or taking a Vitamin D supplement), and taking a good multi-vitamin, essential oils can be used to enhance feelings of wellness.  Just remember that not all essential oils are created equally – look for ones you can use topically, aromatically and can ingest (drink).  That is what I was looking for when I discovered doTerra oils ( – I felt immediate alignment with their vision and purpose and felt relieved about the independent third party testing for purity with no less than seven tests.  The plants, trees and flowers are harvested all over the world where they grow indigenously so that they oils will be of utmost strength and purity.  The recommended oils to get over the winter blue’s are:

1.       Bergamot – oil of self-acceptance

2.       Frankincense – oil of truth

3.       Geranium – oil of love and trust (reduces anger, parent bond)

4.       Grapefruit – oil of honouring body (emotional eating)

5.       Lavender – oil of communication (verbal expression)

6.       Lemongrass – oil of cleansing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)

7.       Lime – oil of zest of life (balance between heart and mind)

8.       Marjoram – oil of connection (softens the heart and heals past wounds)

9.       Peppermint – oil of a buoyant heart

10.   Roman chamomile – oil of life purpose

11.   Rose – oil of divine love

12.   Vetiver – oil of centering and descent (root of emotional issues)

13.   White Fir – oil of generational healing

14.   Wild Orange – oil of abundance (positive mood, physical energy and transition)

15.   Ylang Ylang – oil of inner child (wounds)

If single oils are not for you, perhaps consider a mood oil – these are blended oils that will assist mood management. 

16.   Elevation – oil of joy (created as an anti-depressant)

17.   Serenity – oil of calming (good for panic and anxiety)

18.   Balance – oil of grounding (good for panic and anxiety)

19.   Citrus Bliss – oil of creativity (invigorating) – addresses lethargy, discouragement, despondency or low will to live

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