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Northwest Christian Preschool

Northwest Christian Preschool

190 Rink Avenue
Regina, SK

Northwest Christian Preschool



We offer a safe, nurturing preschool for 3 to 5 year old children. We strive to provide a quality Bible based education in a loving Christian environment.


NWCP offers 4 different class options:

Monday/Wednesday -- 9:15-11:15am  

Tuesday/Thursday --9:15-11:15am

Monday/Wednesday-- 1:00-3:00pm

Tuesday/Thursday-- 1:00-3:00pm

All classes are $115/month and run from September-June, following the Regina Public School Calendar.


The Environment:

NWCP strives to be a warm, welcoming place where children and parents will feel comfortable and excited to learn in faith. We will create a space where children feel at home and able to ask questions, take chances and make discoveries. 


NWCP Philosophy:

We believe children, by nature, are curious, playful and loving. We will provide a nurturing preschool environment for children ages 3-5, committed as a staff to building confidence and encouraging creativity in the context of Christian love. We respect each child as an individual created by God and, in cooperation with the family, we will endeavor to draw out the unique strengths and abilities in their character.



Our curriculum and its activities are implemented in a warm, supportive atmosphere where the uniqueness of each child is recognized and valued. This is accomplished by exposing the children to a large variety of hands-on experiences, appropriate to their age and developmental level. The curriculum also includes character lessons based on biblical values in order to help the children make sense out of the complicated world in which they live.



Miss Andie grew up on a farm in Southern Saskatchewan. The fourth daughter to a farmer and nurse, they were active members of the community and the local church. Miss Andie moved to Regina after highschool to attend the Univeristy of Regina for Elementary Education, specializing in PreK-3. After University, she worked as program coordinator for a government daycare and later went on to open her own home daycare. She is now the proud mother to 3 beautiful children and is ready to embark on her next adventure. 

“My goal in this preschool is to create a safe environment, in which children feel they can explore and learn in faith. I want a space where children feel they can ask questions, express their feelings and show their faith. As a parent, I understand the importance of finding a place where you feel confident entrusting someone with your children, and I aim to be that place. I want to be a teacher who parents feel open to communicate and collaborate with to help their child strive in preschool. Combining structure, free play and guidance, we will learn together though faith.”


core values:

1. God is the creator of all and wants to be in a relationship with us.

2. We are committed to help all children reach their potential by teaching a strong, academic curriculum.

3. As a Christian preschool, we believe that God has an active part of all aspects of our lives. Therefore, we lead all activities with this in mind.

4. Our staff models the churches Christian philosophies to the children and families.

5. Children and families of all faiths are accepted and loved unconditionally.

6. We foster a family environment where every student/family/staff member is cared for. Families are the first social structure instituted by God and must be valued and protected. You are the most important people in your child’s life. We want to support you in the formation of your child's life.

7. Children are unique and of incredible value.  Jesus modeled for us how important children are to God.


*To see the full statement of faith go to