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Joyful Sisters Photography

Saturday, August 29, 2020 - 9:36am
Kathleen Fellinger with Joy Thompson

We all love looking at our family photos.  They hold the moments in our lives that are most dear to us - a pregnant mother, a young family just starting out, the first photos of your newborn baby, your child's first steps or first missing teeth.  They help to build memories for our kids and grandkids and honour loved ones that are gone.

This month, we ask for photo advice from Joy Thompson of Joyful Sisters Photography, a photographer whose pictures help families to capture those special moments.


Joyful Sisters Photography


KB:  Can you tell us a little about Joyfulsisters Photography?  How did you get started in photography?

JSP: Joyfulsisters Photography all started when my sister and I began sharing our passion for taking pictures.  We started capturing special moments in our friends and families lives, such as maternity, new births and our clientele has gradually grew through word of mouth.

It is important to us to offer high quality images with reasonable rates.  We want all of our clients to want to call us with each new chapter in their lives.  It is great to be able to capture those moments for them.  My sister has recently moved on to further her education in another area, but remains a great help with proofing pictures that I edit.  I have been taking a course with the New York Institute of Photography and take any course that I can to further my knowledge of photography and editing.


KB:  What do you love about photography and your business?

JSP:  I love the flexibility of having my own business. Being available for my family is key but at the same time following my passion is very important to me too.  Photography has allowed me to balance both my career and personal life.


KB:  What do you love about taking family photos?

JSP:  My absolute favourite part of taking family portraits is the different dynamic that each family brings to the photo shoot.  Capturing what makes each family a family is a very exciting job.  The same goes with kids photos, you never know what you are going to get until you meet the child.  You can envision all of these creative poses and they all go out the window as you learn how to best interact with each child and get their true personalities caught on camera.


KB:  What is the best time of year to take a family picture?

JSP:  My absolute favourite time for family pictures is right now. The Fall.  The colours are so vibrant, the weather is still mild enough to not have to wear coats.  The outdoor locations are endless.


KB:  How often should you take/update your family photo?

JSP:  As far as updating family photos, it is completely a personal choice. Some clients update yearly while others every three years or when a new member is added.  I try to keep my prices affordable so that the option of getting them done yearly is doable.


Joyful Sisters Photography


KB:  How long in advance do you need to plan for your photo session? For example, if you want to take a Christmas family picture and have pictures printed off for Christmas gifts, when should you be making your appointment?

JSP:  If you are hoping to get pictures done in time for Christmas cards it is important to book between now and the end of November.  I try really hard to have my clients edited disk back to them within 7-10 days after the photo shoot.



KB:  When is the busiest season for Joyful Sisters Photography and taking family photos?

JSP:  The busiest time for family sessions would be between August and October.  The seasons are changing, the colours are fantastic and the business of summer seems to have ended.

KB:  What type of colours are best to wear for photographs?  Is it okay to match outfits?

JSP:  I get asked this question all the time and have read all sorts of answers and suggestions on numerous blogs.  I don't think that the colour matters.  It is important that you feel good about yourself in your choice of colouring so that you show that confidence in your photoshoot.  As long as you are not going to blend into the background.

As far as matching, I think that co-ordinating is a better choice.  I just photographed a family with three daughters and the mom had them all wearing leopard print but in different ways.  They were tied together but still different.  It was a great choice.
KB:  Where is your favourite location in the city to take family-friendly or kid’s photos?

JSP:  Any outdoor location is great but the most diverse location is Wascana Park.  There are so many options available, in front of the lake, at the Marina for a wood background, the docks, the numerous grass areas and trees.
KB:  Anything families should consider when they want to take a family portrait?  Any advice you can give as a photographer?

JSP:  If I could give any advice, I would suggest to go with the flow.  I know that in a perfect world the baby wouldn't be crying or the kids would smile on cue.  But in reality, that doesn't happen.  I find that when we let poses come together naturally, they turn out fantastic.


KB:  What does a basic photography session cost with Joyful Sisters? 

JSP:  If you book a family section with me, the total price currently is $200.  This includes a CD with 30-50 fully edited, high resolution pictures.  If a client would like specific pictures blown up or put on canvas, I can quote them on individual prints!


To learn more about Joyful Sisters Photography or to book a session, visit, email or call (306) 530 - 3176.


Joyful Sisters Photography


All photos courtesy of Joyful Sisters Photography